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International Projects design and consultancy

Formerly the things which happened in the world had no connection among themselves. Each action interested ... But since then all events are united in a common bundle.' (Polybius, 2nd century BC, Universal History)




Interdisciplinary approach to design is the main philosophy to this project.

We create taking inspiration from different sources and then promote it globally.



Integrating local craftsmenship to global projects.


Involving traditional pattern in innovative canvas.


Bringing local to global and making world united.


"Nadya has great communication and design skills Her fluent Russian is a very useful additional asset. Always good to work with such a can do professional." John Mather, Property specialist Adviser to Pension Funds the Theseus Property Fund Lecturer on Tax Efficient Structures

"Nadya is a detail-oriented and highly skilled designer. In my work with her at Publication Services on projects involving management of large scale art programs for publications and related art rendering needs, Nadya always attended to projects with utmost care, efficiency and thoughtfulness. Overall she was a joy to work with and I am happy to highly recommend and endorse her without reservation." Ted Young, US General Manager, Amnet Systems


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